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             Suffused by fresh Atlantic breezes and set amidst dunes and pine forests, the attractive fishing village of Isla Cristina is situated in one of the least crowded areas of the Andalusian coast.  Birdwatching in the famous National Park of Doñana (World Heritage), cycling in the Algarve (Portugal), kayaking in the quiet marshes of Isla Cristina Natural Park, hiking in the astonishing Sierra de Aracena Natural Park and sailing in the wide Atlantic Ocean… all this plus time to relax on any of the wild and lonely nearby beaches. This is Faro del Sur.

Huelva and the Algarve are privileged places to enjoy all year round: good weather, natural parks and long sand’s tongue to create a system of dunes and very thin sand beaches which are perfect in order to do any kind of activities. Gastronomically speaking, the Andalucian Province of Huelva is extremely famous for two things: the diversity of its superb quality seafood from its coast and the highly prized cured ham made from acorn-fed Iberian pigs from the mountains. No experience required. Suitable for everyone.


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Departures all year from 4 passengers


Puerto Deportivo Isla Cristina Local 1 – 21410 – Isla Cristina – Huelva


All transfers in private vehicles

Faro del Sur Naturalist Guides and Professional Skipper

Activities and material


Light snack on board our sailing boat


All meals throughout except a light snack aboard the sailing boat


This is a trip for those who enjoy nature, walking, sailing, watching our country fauna. It is a very complete route that includes several activities all developed in an exceptional location: the South West of Andalusia. Great beaches, enormous dunes and coastline pine forests, chestnut forest at the mountains or white villages with Arabian heritage. Pure Andalucía with an active style and far from crowded areas as classic tourism. Everything developed by us, with own guides, carefully designed routes. All the material is coming as well from Faro de Sur: bicycles, kayaks, sailing boat and van, in that way we achieve our goal of a perfect relation quality/price. We also have the help of Faro del Sur’s offices located in Isla Cristina. This is a very complete trip, different and it doesn’t need previous experience to do it, just an active spirit and normal fitness.

All the activities are subject to changes or suspension due to weather conditions or any other forces beyond our control.



Our kayaks are perfect to go slowly across the marshes. They are stable and do not need special skill to use them. Two people will be comfortable inside each kayak. We will bring a 26 l barrel where you can keep your personal items.

Related to similar kayaks, OCEAN DUO is the versatile kayak. Strong and comfortable, it could be used by one or two people. It is perfect for marshes and coastline. They can be emptied by themselves and unsinkable, what offers us complete safety warranty.

Before departure, we will give you basic instructions as to allow you to enjoy the route with your boat. Sailing silence is perfect in order to get as closer as possible to fauna and flora and feel ourselves integrated in nature.



 Our sailing vessel is ideal for a safe sailing with no chance for starts. Driving the boat is easy with our skipper’s help, who is going to teach us about the art of navigation. The comfortable mats allow us to sunbathe while we sail to the horizon. Inside the boat, you have all you need, wood living room, kitchen, toilet, hot water shower. From the boat stern, we can jump into the sea.

The sailing boat has all required safety equipment: life jackets, GPS that gives us information about our position, sounding line, automatic pilot and radio for contacting with ports.


Faro del Sur has two minibusses that are used for all groups. Each one is comfortable and has enough room for eight passengers, the driver/guide and all luggage. The vans provide permanent backup for any eventuality during the stay in Isla Cristina. Most part of the activities will be done walking, by kayak, sailing or by bicycle.


Groups are accompanied throughout our activities by a Faro del Sur guide. The guides’ duties are to ensure that the activities undertaken comply with the published program and to coordinate, inform and brief the group with regards all the activities. All guides are bi-lingual, have years of experience in dealing with groups and each has its own specialization that they bring to the tour.


Although the guide coordinates activities and imparts relevant information, with regards cohesion and group dynamics it is important that participants also involve themselves in the details of the trip by lending a hand where appropriate


The coast of Huelva enjoys an Atlantic climate where winters are short and mild and spring and autumn have pleasant temperatures with plenty of sunshine. The heat of summer is tempered by cool sea breezes to the point it is recommended you bring a light sweater for the evenings. In the mountains, the climate is more Mediterranean with cool wet winters.  Spring may also be cool especially at night and summer days can be very hot but the temperatures fall off again quickly in the evening. Autumn offers ideal temperatures with only a small chance of rain. This trip can be undertaken at any time of year.



It is highly recommended you bring the following items:

Comfortable light clothing for summer.

Small rucksack , canteen or water bottle

Hat, sunglasses and towel

High protection suntan lotion and insect repellent.



DOÑANA NATURAL PARK (WORLD HERITAGE). This is doubtlessly the most eagerly anticipated excursion for bird lovers. With our naturalist guide we’ll leave in the morning to enjoy a full day in this, one of Europe’s most famous stopover points for migratory birds. Doñana’s entire ecosystem is a vital haven and wintering ground for a multitude of birds that come there to feed and breed. Over 360 different species are seen at various times of year. We’ll begin in the well-known village of El Rocío, where the marshes become waterlogged with the first autumn rains, flooding the clay soil and creating a fantastic place for spotting waders such as flamingos and other animal species such as wild horses and organically reared livestock. We can also see a huge variety of birds of prey on the wing, such as kites, western marsh harriers and if we are lucky, the spectacular western imperial eagle. Springtime sees the arrival birds from Africa which come to breed – plenty of colour and activity. We’ll then visit the Mediterranean forest which is home to deer, wild boar, rabbit and the elusive Iberian lynx. In the afternoon we’ll approach the Dunas del Asperillo Natural Park by a path that ends at a deserted beach. Later we return by road to our hotels (17h).

Full day (From 09h to17h)

 Price per person: 75€

Group size: Min/Max: 6/16 people



KAYAK EXCURSION. After a short safety/training talk, we take advantage of high tide to immerse ourselves in the tranquillity of this coastal wetland and learn about its unique ecosystem. Slowly traversing areas of salt pans, marshes and navigation channels we’ll enjoy a rich diversity of flora and fauna. There are ancient mills, shore carpenters, fishing ports and fish markets offering tastes and smells it seems we’d almost forgotten. No previous experience is necessary for the kayaking – the only requirement is that you are able to swim. The excursion takes 4 hours and the remainder of the day is free to visit the old town with its port, fish market and daily fish auction – a fascinating opportunity to savour the sights and smells of this lively town.

Kayaking time: 4 hours

Price per person: 40€

Group size:  Min/Max: 4/12 people



-OCEAN SAILING. Today we set sail aboard our ocean-going yacht, Alcyon. If weather and sea conditions permit then we’ll take to the open ocean to learn the ancient art of navigation.  There will be opportunities for everyone to crew the boat and help steer a steady course in search of soaring seabirds and dolphin riding the waves.  Swimming at sea is possible and the excursion includes a snack aboard ship. For a few hours we’ll feel the magic of the ocean and discover a world of wind, sea, sky and tides.

Sailing time: 4 hours

Price per person: 55€

Group size: Min/Max 4/10 people




TREKKING IN SIERRA DE ARACENA NATURAL PARK. Very early in the morning the van picks us up and we go to the north to Castaño del Robledo, a mountain village. From this point we make a gentle walk through paths and tracks that, even today, comunícate small white villages. This route crosses mountains, chesnut forests and also pastures of cork oaks and olm oaks where the Iberian porks run freely. In the afternoon, after enjoying the gastronomy, we will have a glimpse to the Rio Tinto mines. Then we go back to Isla Cristina.

.  Full day (From 08h to18h). Walking time: Five hours (Distance: 12 kilometers)

.  Price per person: 75€

. Group size: Minimum/Maximum 8/16 people




GUADIANA’S EDGE WALK, WHITE VILLAGES BETWEEN SPAIN AND PORTUGAL.  An hour transfer will take us to the beginning of a gentle walk that begins in a little stream surrounded by olive trees, cork oaks and Mediterranean bushes. The Guadiana River will appear in front of us and we will begin to walk close to the Spanish shore, facing the Portuguese shore, then the frontier villages of Sanlúcar del Guadiana (Spain) and Alcoutim (Portugal). For those who like the risk we have the option to do a Zip Line that begins in Spain and ends in Portugal which is unique in all Europe (optional). We will take a little boat to cross the border and we can visit the villages, we can eat either in Spain or Portugal and then a transfer will take us back to our resorts.

.  From 09h to16h.  Walking time: 3 hours. (Distance: 8 kilometers)

.  Price per person: 50€

. Group size: Minimum/Maximum 8/16 people




FROM SPAIN TO PORTUGAL BY BICYCLE. Today we take our bicycles and cross the Guadiana estuary by ferry to Portugal. Following a “Via Verde” or ‘green way’ (a specially conditioned cycle track reclaimed from an old railway line) we pass salt pans, marshes and tidal mills. We’ll stop to visit a traditional salt plant, one of the last in Spain, nowadays engaged in supplying the modern demand for artisan salt. Finally, our “Via Verde” brings us to the town of Ayamonte where from the quayside we’ll take the regular ferry to the Portuguese town of Vila Real de Santo Antonio. Like many towns along the Algarve, Vila real was destroyed by the great earthquake of 1755 and was subsequently laid out and rebuilt in the enlightenment style.  We’ll have time to stroll the pleasant town with its marina, stylish 18th century architecture and highly celebrated town plan. We can extend our cycle ride following the banks of the Guadiana to the wide open beach where the river opens to the Atlantic Ocean. There should be time to swim before returning to Isla Cristina in the afternoon. This is a route suitable for everybody with a normal fitness.

. Full day. From 09h to 17h.Cycling: Distance 30 km

.  Price per person: 50€

. Group size: Minimum 8 person/ Maximum 12 people


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